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Religion (just some thoughts)

2008-04-17 23:25:33 by Down-beat

I don't know about you, but when I think of religion I think of sheep. People believe a certain thing that's taught to them and they usually stick with it. When they break away they become wolves. They often radiate uneasiness to the sheep and thus more sheep are becoming wolves. Recently a Mormon place kind of town-ish type thing was raided by authorities and young people were taken away because of abuse. We're in America though. That wonderful place where you can practice any religion. I don't support Mormons and polygamist beliefs but I think that if they thought that was right then they should be left there without fear of what others think. Deciding what's right and wrong is a point of view. If an evil maniac tries to take over the world, he usually thinks he's doing the right thing, so who's to say that we aren't the evil maniacs. I am strongly atheist, but I used to be Baptist, not a fun experience for me, so I think it's wrong. But other people think that they're right and I'm wrong, so everything is a point of view and there is no fact about what's right or wrong, or good or bad. It's simply hypocritical, and that's what they tell us not to do, because it's wrong. So is it right to be hypocritical? Maybe. We can think we know. But we don't.
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2008-04-18 08:47:14

Really good fuckin point dude.